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Bull City

Flowers Make Everything Better

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A Blooming Story

Drama, intrigue, dastardly plots and victorious heroine- is what we wish the beginning of Bull City Flowers had been full of, but unfortunately the real story is much more mundane! It all starts with a young woman's love of flowers and an itch that, funny enough, turned out to be a deep dislike for working for others. Learn more about the many iterations of Bull City Flowers and it's founder, Mira, by clicking the link above.



We might be switching gears but the flowers always come first! You can grab a fresh, locally sourced, flower bouquet hand made by Mira during an Open Farm Day at Bull City Farm. Better come visit us quickly, the bouquets end when winter begins!

Durham North Carolina United Stated

Flower Art


Fear not fellow flower lovers! Even if you can't nab one of our bouquets, there's plenty flower themed goodies on our shop! From prints of fresh bouquets, to original art, you can nab a flower themed goodie to satisfy that flower craving. Don't worry, we won't judge!


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