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Where Can You Find My Business?

Usually, my answer would be at farmer's markets! but unfortunately, because of the current crisis the Duke Farmers' Market has been closed. You can still buy bouquets from me, however! Just head over to the tab called Ordering Bouquets above!



Possibly my favorite flower season! Farmers start growing and caring for the flowers around four months before I start bringing you them in March. Because of this, spring flowers are by far the most expensive but in my opinion, also by far the most beautiful! Another fact about spring flowers, depending on the year, you can get certain flowers for just a week or for all full month! Just depends on what NC decides to throw at us!


Some Spring Flowers:

Ranunculus, Anemone, Poppies, Hellebore, Narcissus, Viburnum, Tulip, Quince, Peony, Stock,  and many more!



The most prolific time for flowers! Unless we have a particularly dry summer I can usually get all the flowers I could ever want. Nice thing about summer flowers is that they last longer than their fall or spring counterparts. Be wary though! Some summer flowers do poorly in cold places, like a fridge. You also get many new kinds of greenery which is why many times you see herbs, shrubbery and even tree branches in my summer bouquets.


Some Summer Flowers:

Sunflowers, Cosmos, Millet Snapdragons, Celosia, Mint, Zinnia, Amaranth, Dahlias, and many more!


Fall and Winter

Fall flowers are widely the same as summer flowers with a few notable exceptions I'll list below. Some flowers will grow in the summer but kick into high gear come fall like Dahlias but mostly farmers are just trying to squeeze a liiitle bit more out of the growing season. 

I've combined fall and winter since my winter season usually just consists of selling seasonal wreaths and crafts for the holidays. Once the first frost hits its time to brush up on my crafting skills! I harvest any and all greenery that lasts out of water as well as pine cones, cool wood and fruit to dry. Once all that is ready I get out the dry flowers I collect all growing season and my glue gun to make some dried flower wreaths as well!


Some Fall Flowers and winter greens:

Dahlia, Snapdragon, Millet, Chrysanthemum, Pumpkin on a Stick, Holly, and many more!

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