Flowers, Rings, Vows Oh My!

I do things a bit differently with my weddings. I do still focus on local and seasonal (I try not to take many winter clients unless they like greenery) but my main concern is making sure my bridal clients get their perfect wedding flowers! 

Even in these crazy times I'll take bridal clients as long as gatherings are allowed.

I'm Still Taking Bridal Clients For the 2020 and 2021 Seasons!

Many wedding florists have a particular style they feel comfortable with and stick with. Not me! I love the challenges each wedding client brings me! Even if you don't see your preferred style in any of my pictures, fear not! I'd still be more than willing to give it a shot.

My Style

My Process

Before I take you on as a client, we have to have our first meeting! I prefer these meetings to be in person so I can get a feel for your personality and style. Here are a few things I will ask- do you have a color pallet? How many people in the bridal party? Will you need delivery/setup/cleanup for the flowers? Have you found any flower styles you like? What's your flower budget?

I try to keep all my weddings at about 75% local 25% outsourced for a couple of reasons. The flowers look better, are cheaper, and you get to support local farmers! Plus about a month before your wedding I'll send you a list of all the flowers that will be available and you get to choose your favorite flowers!

What's So Special?

Weddings can be expensive! There's a lot of time and effort that goes into planning, prepping and picking the perfect wedding flowers, and that's before I even start the first bouquet! Because of this, I have the option of DIY wedding flowers. Perfect for couples who just want a few bouquets or boutonnieres but want to avoid the wedding price tag. How it works- we still meet but instead of me writing up a wedding proposal and hashing that out, you give me your budget, I send you the list of flowers a month before your wedding, you pick your favorites, I buy them wholesale and then you come to pick them up! The only costs are the flowers themselves and my time. Simple!

Wedding On a Budget

Don't worry! If you would rather me make your bouquets but still want to budget where possible, I have tricks to help you as well! From reusing aisle flowers, to you cleaning the venue after the wedding, I'll make sure we get you exactly what you want!

Other BudgetTricks

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