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Flowers, Rings, Vows Oh My!

I do things a bit differently with my weddings. I do still focus on local and seasonal (I try to keep the ratio 70% local and 30% bought in) but my main concern is making sure my bridal clients get their perfect wedding flowers! 

Even in these crazy times I'll take bridal clients as long as gatherings are allowed.

I'm Still Taking Bridal Clients For the 2021 and 2022 Seasons!


I have two basic wedding packages, Total Package and Budget Bride.

Different Wedding Packages

credit Timmester Photography

For those clients who don't need the whole wedding package and the price tag that comes with it. If you choose this, your flowers will be priced similar to one of my CSA bouquets, just with a wedding flair!

Pros: a budget wedding's best friend, less time needed planning, I will deliver within the Triangle area.

Cons: only available during NC's growing season, not able to pick flowers, only available for wedding party arrangements (bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, etc).

Budget Bride

For those clients who want the whole wedding experience! I'll sit down with you and help you pick our your specific flower style, send you an email with a list of local blooms that might be available and send you pictures of the bridal bouquet as I'm making it!

Pros: tailored to your needs, will set up at the venue (if needed), you get to pick the flowers, available year round.

Cons: more expensive, takes more planning

Total Package


My Process

Before I take you on as a client, we have to have our first meeting! I prefer these meetings to be in person so I can get a feel for your personality and style. Here are a few things I will ask- do you have a color pallet? How many people in the bridal party? Will you need delivery/setup/cleanup for the flowers? Have you found any flower styles you like? What's your flower budget?

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