Common CSA Questions and More!

CSA Information

Hello and welcome to my corner of flowers! If it's your first time buying a bouquet from me or the 10th, here’s what you need to know about my bouquet CSA as well as some commonly asked questions. I’m adding to this all the time so feel free to ask if I missed anything!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and means that every bouquet you get from me was either grown (or foraged) by me on my family farm (Bull City Farm) OR bought from another farm in the Triangle. In case you were wondering I will buy in flowers for my bridal clients but every bouquet that I make is locally sourced from some pretty cool farmers!

What is the deal with the different size bouquets?

The short answer is, the higher you go the more I can fill the bouquet with more flowers and expensive (and showy!) greenery! I try to keep all my bouquets as affordable as possible (because everyone needs flowers) but making sure the farmers get paid for their hard work is important to me. Walmart might sell a bunch of 25 roses for $10 but if those flowers were responsibly sourced then they would be worth $1 and up... per stem. Because of this, and making sure I earn enough to make a living as well, I choose to fill in the smaller bouquets with lots of foraged greenery so you still get an impressive-looking bouquet. So what’s the main difference between the sizes? Style man, that’s what!

How long should my bouquets last?

If you take care of them then at least a week! Spring flowers tend to only last a week but once you get into the hot season flowers some of them will last closer to two weeks. Here’s my cheat sheet for how to take care of flowers-

How exactly does delivery work?

If you choose home delivery, either me or one of my helpers will deliver your flowers starting between 9:30 and 10am. If there’s a weekend with a high flower demand (like mother’s day) then you might get your flowers Friday or Sunday but I’ll keep you up to date as to when you’ll get your flowers! If you think you won’t be at home then make sure you put a cooler out for your flowers. Heat is a bouquet’s worse enemy!

If you’re picking up from me at Greenwood Commons then all you need to do is bring something to put your flowers in for the ride home. While you’re there you should also check out the SoDu Farmers Market, I’m a bit partial but I love it!

What if I’m going on vacation or need to skip a week?

No worries! If you let me know before Wednesday of that week (the day I order flowers) then I can just make you a double size bouquet for the following week. If you get the $35 or $45 bouquet then it may be one big bouquet and one small one since I wouldn’t be able to fit all those stems in my hand!

What if I want to upgrade my CSA?

You’re not allowed… JK of course you can upgrade! Just email me and we’ll get it sorted.

What if I forget about my flowers?

I’ll send out a reminder email with whoever will be on the delivery rounds as a reminder. Also, if we don’t get an answer at the door then whoever is your delivery human will txt you to make sure you know they’re there!

What if you can’t make bouquets for some reason?

Hopefully, nothing will happen but if it does I’ll let everyone know and you’ll get a mega bouquet the next week! If I know ahead of time that I need to skip a week then you’ll get the mega bouquet the week before.

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