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'Tis Wreath Season!

Christmas is fast approaching and something you might not know about me is that it’s my favorite holiday! I’ve always enjoyed decorating the house (not to mention the tree) and there’s just something special about standing under twinkling lights, your finders slightly chilly with the knowledge that you still have hours to enjoy the night air before you need to go inside to bed.

I do find myself in a bit of a conundrum each year. I’m the kind of Holiday fanatic who’s only really interested in a very specific kind of decor. Aka, rustic with as much live greenery as I can get my hands on! In fact, my interest in wreaths and garlands started in my early 20s when I found myself too poor to buy fake greenery for my first ever apartment. I’ve always been handy so I researched how to make my own wreaths and garlands but found that between school and work I just didn’t have time. Fast forward a year and I decided, if I want a live wreath than other people probably do too! That marked my first year selling wreaths and I’m still going strong!


What can you get from Bull City Flowers this year?

In addition to my farm style wreaths, for the first time ever, I’m offering garlands! Click HERE to go straight to my wreath and garland lineup but in the meantime enjoy these pictures!

How long will my wreath and garland last?

The longevity of your wreath and garland really depends on three factors- ambient temperature, exposure to direct sunlight and humidity. Anything indoor will not last as long as its outdoor compatriot just because the low temperatures help to naturally refrigerate it. Similarly sunlight will cause your greenery to wilt or go brown sooner but a couple of hours of sunlight on a front door shouldn’t be too bad. The last thing is humidity, giving your greenery a misting every few days-week can help the greenery stay hydrated and so stay beautiful longer. If it’s outside normally you don’t have to worry about this as much, especially if it's in a spot where it can get rained on but beware the dried citrus won’t stay so dried unless you’re careful! I’ve had customers tell me that their wreath on the front door lasted a full two months before it started to really turn brown but the general consensus seems to be it’ll last for at least a month before it begins to turn brown.

Any final questions? Don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

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