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Hiya people! Long time no chat! Anyone else's year just not gone the way they hoped it would? If so then welcome to the boat of existential uncertainty and as a complementary gift take this; some constant mind changing and self doubt! I feel like 2020 and this year have been the equivalent of a Hollywood level insane frat party (2020) where the next day you wake up hungover, confused exactly where you are and missing your left sock (this year). To continue this metaphor, I'm finally at the point where I'm feeling better, figured out where I am, found my sock, keys, my friends phone as an added bonus and am ready to get back to business.

the classic This is Fine meme but with an edit to show how this year has treated Mira
This is Fine- an accurate description of my year

Speaking of business, I got some big news about mine! If you haven't checked out my new website (and you should, it's rather lovely) then you may not have heard that I'm changing up how I do things quite a bit. I'm going to break up the different parts of my business into sections below, explaining what the changes are and my thinking behind them. Feel free to skip to the parts you care about!


CSA and Flower Bouquets

I'm sure out of everything, this will make people the most sad. I will not be doing CSAs for the foreseeable future. I just don't have the right setup at home right now and live too far away from the farm (where I do have a good setup) to travel back and forth everyday. If you're not already aware, my family owns Bull City Farm (my businesses namesake) which is in northern Durham county while I'm living in Sanford in my partners house.... 1.5 hours away. I do go to the farm (nearly) every week to help out but if I did that plus stayed to make bouquets I might as well move in! Good news is I will be making bouquets for special events on our farm (click HERE to see our event lineup). I will be doing seasonal arrangements like wreaths and garlands so if you’re interested in either of those click HERE.


I'm not sure if you've heard, but the wedding industry is INSANE right now and it's not looking like it'll get any better until 2023 at the earliest. I'm talking record number of weddings every month, resources stretched thin thanks to all the suppliers that closed their doors in 2020, and an influx of newly engaged couples that figured hey! If we survived being locked in together for a year without killing each other might as well get hitched! Not to mention the added pressure on vendors to deliver the perfect wedding couples have been planning and dreaming of for over two years now. Quite frankly, I find weddings fun but not under the current circumstances. I originally thought vetting my weddings harshly would take the pressure off but the shortage of flowers (not to mention the price hike of nearly 30% for some flowers) has made even the best couples a nightmare to work for. Not that the couples themselves are terrible (quite the opposite I've loved all my couples this year!!) but the added worries take a normally fun experience into nail biting territory. I still have a couple weddings in 2022 but they're the special few that I knew I just had to help make their day as special as possible!

Educational Content

Teaching has always been a large part of my life and as such one thing has always annoyed me about the flower world and that is how hard it can be to find good teachers. Sure you can take a 2,000k course to teach you how to be a florist (or spend god only knows how much more at a floral school) but unless you have natural flower flair or learn well by watching YouTube, there really isn’t many resources for a hobbyist to learn how the big gals do it. I’d like to provide that link to people! To start off I will be teaching classes in person at my family farm (click HERE to see the classes lineup) but eventually I want to have a list of online classes for people to take. This will probably be my most long term project but for sure expect flower arranging classes starting Spring 2022!

Art Collections

My newest brain child, I will soon be selling nature themed prints, stickers and more! Many of you might not know this but I actually went to school for game design, specifically the art track. Since I’m definitely not going to be making art for games anytime soon, but I still love drawing and design in general this is a perfect outlet! The current idea is this- seasonal NC specific nature themes with collaborations from other artists around the triangle. I’ve already got my first collection in the works (hopefully it’ll be out in time for Christmas) so stay tuned!


In Conclusion

Once someone wise in my life (probably my Grandma) told me that sometimes in order for a great thing to start a good thing has to die. That's how I'm feeling about the changes to my business in 2020 and 2021. I had to change course thanks to 2020, found out it wasn't working in 2021, figured out I couldn't return to how things were before in Spring 2021, had a small crisis realizing I lost my business as I originally wanted it in Summer 2021, and finally decided that a change in course was better to abandoning my business entirely in Fall 2021. I'm not sure if you can really understand the feeling of loss unless you've had a business before, especially if you don't have any employees. You do EVERYTHING and thanks to that every corner has your blood, sweat and tears on it. It's your proverbial baby, a reflection of your personality and passion. Letting that go is hard but every time I start to despair, I remember. In order for a great thing to start, a good thing has to die.

I'm ready for that great thing to start.

Will you join me?

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