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Our Story

We might just look like pretty petal pushers but there's a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes to deliver our products to you. It all started when Mira’s (the owner) mother suggested she grow sunflowers to sell at one of the family farm’s markets...

After one season of making sunflower and wildflower bouquets, Mira decided she rather liked this whole flower thing and the next year she grew her own flowers to sell at two markets. Mira quickly realized that, while she loved making bouquets, her green thumb had much to be desired and over the next season she slowly moved away from growing care intensive flowers but still kept the big dollar staples such as sunflowers, dahlias, snapdragons, filler greenery and the like. By 2018 she started selling at the Duke Market with just her flowers (still under the name of her family farm mind you) and had so many customers she started buying flowers from fellow farmers to bolster her bouquets.



The game changer happened in during the summer of 2018. Not only did Mira move off of her family farm, finally formed Bull City Flowers, was contacted by her very first bridal client (who turned out to be the sweetest person and was the best first bride anyone could ask for), and started a new college program that led her to her love of design and the man of her dreams. Not to mention she turned 21!

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 13-38-33 Bull City Flowers 💐🍃 ( bullcityflowers) • Instagram ph
Photo Credit Timmester Photography

Photo Credit- Timester Photography

Photo Credit- Easterday Creative

Things slowly began to build over the next two years, with more bridal clients, more bouquets and more flowers until 2020 loomed. When the pandemic hit, Mira had to switch from selling her bouquets in a very physical way (farmers markets) to an online version, completely changing her business model and necessitating some very fast learning. While definitely not expected or welcome at the time, we're now grateful for the change it brought and are happy to announce the next step for this little business!   

 Instead of focusing on events and delivered bouquets, going forward we will be building two things. One, a set of online and in person classes for flower enthusiasts and two, a collection of unique art so your flowers can be everlasting. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to a close. After 2022 Bull City Flowers will no longer be taking wedding or event clients. Fortunately, you will still be able to buy a bouquet during Bull City Farm's open farm days! Learn more about that here-

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